What is CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization, which we’ll call CRO from here on out, is a methodical, data-based system that relies on user feedback and analytics to get more visitors to your site to convert. Converting means the person has gone from just browsing to taking some sort of desired action whether it’s buying a product or service, scheduling a consultation, signing up for an email newsletter or downloading an app.
A CRO campaign kicks off with research and a detailed analysis of your target demographic. Once your site is built, everything from the visual elements to the content to the usability has to be tested. Finally, an analytics analysis tells you what’s converting and what isn’t so the necessary adjustments can be made. It’s an ongoing process but an important one in order to maximize a website’s performance.

Why CRO?

You can have all of the website traffic in the world but if visitors aren’t heeding your call to action, what’s the point? You don’t want them to just admire your pretty site, you want them to convert and ultimately increase your revenue. Creative ideas, compelling content and stunning visuals all play a major role in marketing but it’s the data-driven, structured, scientific process of researching, analyzing and testing that ensures all of the more glamorous elements are working together to gain conversions.

Our Service

Our Conversion Rate Optimization service is designed to identify conversion opportunities your business may be missing. We kick off the process with an analysis of existing data to pinpoint immediate ways to turn browsers into buyers or converted leads. We take a thorough approach that incorporates advertiser data, on-site behaviour and proven conversion strategies in your niche.

Our Approach

  • Analyzing market and buying behaviour in your current niche.
  • Assessing the on-site behaviour of your website visitors to determine where conversions are being lost.
  • Optimizing your site for improved navigational pathways to encourage better converting pages.
  • Assessing other sources of information such as 3rd party advertiser data to discover high-conversion promotional campaign and content development opportunities.
  • Tracking and measuring the results of CRO implementation to further refine and increase overall conversion rates.

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