Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is marketing that’s, you guessed it, done through a digital medium, usually the Internet. The umbrella term could refer to efforts to promote a product or service on social media, through PPC campaigns, in the blogosphere, via email or using any number of online tools. Sounds a lot like regular old marketing right? Sure. However, it has a distinct advantage: Data, data and more data!
When using digital channels, progress can be tracked and analyzed in real time. Having access to the metrics lets a company instantly know what’s working and what isn’t so it can tweak its strategy to get results. Additionally, unlike traditional marketing, potential customers can interact with brands through digital platforms giving businesses more opportunities for conversion.

Why Digital Marketing?

Whether it’s to chat with friends, post selfies, shop, get the news or stream movies, people are constantly consuming digital media. In fact, the average American adult spends more than 10 hours per day staring at some sort of screen. Since your potential customers are online, you need to be too. From creating brand awareness to managing customer relationships, digital marketing provides the tools needed to stay engaged and exert control over your message. It also allows for constant feedback thanks to all the data available so we know what works with an audience, their likes and dislikes and what their needs are. We can then use this information to make better decisions and tailor campaigns to increase sales.

Our Service

As a full-service agency, Noodle Wave brings all elements of a successful digital marketing campaign under one roof. Think of us as your marketing department except since we’re contracted, you don’t have to worry about us raiding the office fridge. Our team of creative and data-loving pros handles digital marketing initiatives from strategy to implementation to measurement. With expertise in design, copywriting, video, photography and all things Internet, we target the right digital channels for your niche to score you conversions.

Our Approach

  • Identifying your target audience, what they connect with and what digital channels they’re using.
  • Engineering a fine-tuned strategy with clear, measurable goals and developing messaging and positioning to start a meaningful conversation with potential customers.
  • Creating and distributing content through various digital mediums to engage with your audience and encourage conversions.
  • Delving into the data to measure the results and make smart decisions regarding our approach.

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