Email Marketing

Email isn’t going anywhere and with the advent of smartphones, people are connected to their inboxes all day, every day. This is why it remains one of the top direct marketing tools for businesses. Through its massive reach, email allows companies to convert passive consumers into loyal enthusiasts, maintain relationships with existing clients and draw repeat business.

Why Email Marketing?

Creating a tailored email marketing campaign allows your business to provide meaningful information to your target market. Whether you send newsletters, promotions or alerts, regularly emailing your customer base keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds. In addition, including links to website content enables your audience to learn more about your company and discover why they need your products or services.

An Exact Target survey found 91% of consumers check their email at least once per day and when you communicate with your audiences by providing engaging content through email, it’s more likely they’ll share the information, helping to increase sales leads. Even more compelling, the Direct Market Association estimates that email marketing will drive $82.2 billion in sales in 2016. Efficient and profitable!

Our Service

Noodle Wave Media provides email marketing services for businesses of all sizes. We develop branded email marketing campaigns that nurture lead generation during sales cycles and promote end-user conversion. Relying on Noodle Wave Media ensures that your content is engaging and your email base will continue to grow.

Our approach to your Email Marketing campaign includes:

  • Pinpointing your target audience and setting up a schedule for your email campaign.
  • Creating a segmented email list and designing email templates that offer brand continuity.
  • Growing your email list and helping you create the most effective, engaging content.
  • Tracking and measuring statistics and adjusting for improvements.

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