Link Building

A link is a reference to your work from another website. When someone links to your site, search engines take it as a vote of confidence or sign of popularity. If a bunch of trustworthy, high-traffic websites link to you and the links lead to quality content, your website moves on up in the search engine rankings. Link building, or the actions aimed at securing these inbound links, is an art and science and an important factor in optimizing your website and establishing its credibility and relevance for search engines.

Why Link Building Campaigns?

Today’s search engine criteria for quality inbound links has gotten tougher thanks to unscrupulous webmasters trying to achieve links using deceptive, sneaky techniques. In fact, SEOmoz found 60% of all web pages are considered spam due to these link farms. Bad link building can actually get your site banned entirely, creating a costly disruption to your business.

Trust your link building campaign to professionals who know how to safely score you high-quality inbound links. Proper link building should focus on websites with global popularity, earn extremely relevant links continually over time and increase link signals from social media channels.

Our Service

Noodle Wave Media is experienced in the right type of link building. We’ll gain you the kinds of links that are integral to search engine ranking and visibility. Additionally, our high-quality link building campaigns generate sales leads for your business.

Our approach to your Link Building Campaign includes:

  • Determining which sites in your community will provide the most valuable inbound links.
  • Building organic links and social media engagement.
  • Promoting links through blogging communities and social bookmarking.
  • Tracking and measuring statistics and adjusting for improvements.

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