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Noodle Wave Media uses Canon technology and Prime lenses to capture images for all your business needs. We edit, optimize and distribute your photo content for optimal reach. Whether for product shots or brochure images, our photography team will deliver high-quality photos to represent your brand.


Optimized Photos Are Powerful Pieces Of Content That Help Promote Your Business Online.

Think photos aren’t important to search engine optimization? Think again. A lot of people forget to consider the massive amount of images Google shows in its SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Google sorts its images based on how photos are optimized for keywords. This means your business can appear on page one of Google images searches even if you’re not on page one of regular search engine results.

In addition, a whopping 36% of content shared on Twitter is images. If pictures aren’t part of your content strategy you could be missing out on important interactions with your target market.

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