Amanda's Rainbow

Video Marketing

Our Process

Telling a brave story to help others.

Amanda’s Rainbow is a pain assessment tool for parents and their children developed by Beverly Hillstrom. Her personal story dealing with her daughter Amanda’s own illness is the inspiration behind the pain assessment tool. We were approached by Beverly to create a video piece that helped educate people on how the tool works.

We knew there was a story; we just needed to make sure that we captured the emotion and tied in a message of hope. Our discovery and script development process helped refine the key points and move the viewer through the narrative of empowerment for parents, doctors and children.


What We Learned

This project tugged on our heart strings. Beverly’s story and her courage to find hope in tragedy was very inspiring to everyone on the team. Our videography team did a great job of helping capture the story and draw out the emotion in Beverly. Our hope is that this piece reaches those that it was intended to empower.