Video Marketing

Our Process

Turning processes into stories.

The Athletic Therapists Association of BC or ATABC is a governing body for all athletic therapists in BC. There is general lack of eduction in the public about what athletic therapists do, so the ATABC approached us to shoot a video to help people understand their process.

Our goal was to tell the story of how Athletic Therapists go through the process of helping professional athletes manage injuries on and off the playing field in way that engages. The video features Assistant athletic therapist for the Vancouver Canucks, Dave Zarn, and a few rising stars from the UBC Women’s Hockey Team.


Coaching the coach

One of the most important aspects of producing video content for our clients is to work with our subjects to get the best performance from them. Our discovery and script building process ensures that our clients are comfortable and prepared to deliver an Oscar-worthy performance. Our videography team did a great job of helping to draw out Dave for this ATABC video.

What We Learned

This project really brought home how video can simplify a procedure or process by giving the audience context. It was hard for us to imagine how athletic therapy helps athletes recover quickly, but by going through our discovery process we were able to create a story that makes the therapy procedures much more engaging.