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Our Process

Getting creative with orthodontics.

Aura Orthodontics approached us five years ago when they first opened to help them with their branding, website and clinic decals. We are proud to say that we are still using creative problem solving to help Aura Orthodontics grow their business today! The landscape of online marketing has changed a lot since then, but lucky for Aura Orthodontics we like to geek out to marketing trends.

Today our focus for the Aura Orthodontics campaign is to develop 10x content and marketing strategies for the orthodontic industry with a healthy sprinkle of localized pieces to drive local traffic. We also implement a strategic outreach strategy to build thought leadership around Dr. Sharma’s expertise.

Early on, Dr. Sharma understood that video content was the perfect way to educate his clients, not to mention those sitting on the fence. That’s why we created a video series featuring Dr. Sharma dealing with common orthodontic issues. Our most successful video currently has over 715,000 views on YouTube! Now that’s bang for your buck.

Establishing Credibility

One of the most common business goals we help our clients achieve is to establish credibility with their intended target audience. There is no better way to do this than with content marketing. In the case of Aura Orthodontics, after completing our ‘Think‘ phase we created videos, blogs, infographics, community events, media outreach and various paid media campaigns to establish Dr. Sharma as a fixture in the Surrey community. We were able increase consults by using content to establish the trust needed for a patient to feel comfortable signing up for his services.

Web Design

At its inception, the Aura Orthodontics website was built to be a content distribution tool. Building on a CMS allowed us to scale the website over five years with very little aesthetic changes while continuing to gain search engine rankings.

Graphic Design

It takes a special kind of creativity to make orthodontics fun and exciting, but that’s exactly what we did. Amongst all of the print ads, infographics, memes and flyers, we created cartoon characters Dundi & Dundu to help illustrate different orthodontic issues in story format. The cartoon ran in various Surrey papers and helped increase consults and brand awareness.


Video marketing plays a vital role in expanding the reach of the Aura Orthodontics brand. With well-executed web videos, Aura Orthodontics has been able to generate brand awareness, inbound traffic, ranking and inbound links that otherwise would have been costly to attain. Don’t believe us? Search “braces procedure” in Google.

Roy and his team at Noodle Wave have been truly integral in our businesses success with creating and maintaining an attractive, user-friendly, and relevant marketing campaign. The entire team, from Roy across to his Marketing and Creative managers really hit the nail on the head with their vision, direction, and implementation. I would highly recommend having Noodle Wave Media as a part of your business plan!

Dr. SharmaAura Orthodontics

Our Results

Over the years, Noodle Wave has developed an effective recipe of marketing, PR and design strategies. This has helped Aura Orthodontics grow their business from one clinic to three!

Increase in Website Traffic Year-Over-Year

Increase in New Patients Year-Over-Year