Basil Garden

Web Design / Branding / Photography / Video

Our Process

Illustrating a restaurant’s mission.

The owners of Basil Garden were embarking on a brand new venture into the food industry with a restaurant in Vancouver. They wanted to bring a modern approach to Vietnamese food without it feeling pretentious. Our job was to develop a brand and website that communicated Basil Garden’s unique take. The goal was to create content that would give diners the sense that they could almost smell the food before visiting the restaurant.

The clean, simple site showcases the fresh ingredients and exotic flavours that go into the meals. We wanted to ensure the website menu was easy to navigate both on mobile and desktop and that the user experience was intuitive. However, our main challenge ended up being timing the launch of the site with the actual opening of the restaurant. For most brick and mortar businesses, setting up the space always comes fraught with delays and this proved to be the case here too. Using our famed Noodle Wave magic, we were able to work with Basil Garden to make sure they were discoverable in search engines in spite of these delays and the content aligned with the restaurant experience just in time.

Telling the story through images

We were inspired by Basil Garden’s dedication to fresh, healthy, authentic Vietnamese cuisine and decided instead of simply telling diners that’s what they’d get, we’d show them. It was important that each photo conveyed the story of the dish, which is why the ingredients are featured in the shot in a supporting role to the final presentation. We also included a video of the owners actually creating a meal, which helped us further drive the point home. In case you’re wondering, we did get to eat the props and they were delicious. Just a perk of the job.

Web Design

A single page, scrolling architecture meant the scope of the site would remain focused on the important information.


Basil Garden wanted to communicate their passion for the fresh, organic ingredients it uses in the food. We developed the layered basil image to symbolize the process and delicate care the owners take in creating each dish.



Our Results

Basil Garden opened to a line outside of the door. They’ve grown to be one of the go-to Vietnamese restaurants in the city and are currently the proud owners of a 4.5 star rating on Yelp.