Web Design / Photography / Video Marketing / Graphic Design

Our Process

Finding the heart in every project.

The BC Centre for Ability (BCCFA) is a wonderful non-profit organization that provides resources and services to people living with a disability. We were honored that they contacted us to develop a new website, take photos, shoot education vidoes and develop the case for support materials.

The biggest challenge in designing for the BCCFA was managing the large scope of services and various interests and requirements of each department. Thankfully, they had a fantastic communications coordinator to help guide the process. Working with board members, coordinators, consultants and program executives was a rewarding challenge.

The overarching goal was to create design pieces and content that showcased the giving hearts of all those involved and affected by the BCCFA. By taking the right photos, finding new ways to highlight the transformation stories, producing educational videos and creating a website portal that served its users, we were able do our small part in helping serve the BCCFA’s amazing vision.

A picture is worth a thousand words

For every project that Noodle Wave plays a role in, we always strive to capture the nuances of the organization or business. In the case of the BCCFA, we didn’t fully understand the centre’s impact until we got to see it for ourselves. As part of their package, we took photos of individual families who had received support from the organization. This really brought home the messaging and allowed us to connect the design to the DNA of the BCCFA.

Web Design

Our focus was to ensure the BCCFA became a portal for information and a tool for fundraising.

Graphic Design

We designed the case for support to be a branded storybook of transformed lives and a vision for the organization. We weaved the branding throughout the print and web elements in a unique way.


We had an amazing experience taking photos of the many people that help make the BCCFA a destination for giving and support.


What We Learned

Finding inspiration can be difficult sometimes, but you just need to know where to look. We are thankful that we got the opportunity to connect creatively with the BCCFA and bring something special to their vision of transforming lives.