Bitesize Pediatric Dentistry

Website/Digital Marketing/Graphic Design

Our Process

Bringing a vision to life

Bitesize Pediatric Dentistry is a modern, bright dental practice for kids in Brooklyn. The owner, our client, also happens to be a closet graphic designer with an amazing eye. He came to us with a one-of-a-kind, super creative logo that featured different characters for each letter in the brand’s name. He saw an opportunity with the logo but wasn’t sure where to start. The characters didn’t have personality and weren’t playing a role on the website. Since the client loves all things visual and knew exactly what he wanted, it was a unique opportunity for us to bring someone’s vision to life. We got on board to help tie the Bitesize aesthetic together, maximize the logo and use the creative assets to generate brand awareness.

Of course, as with any campaign, we spent plenty of time in the “Think” phase, researching and brainstorming to give us the basis for our analytical, data-driven approach. However, this was an example of when the “Feel” aspect was incredibly important for a brand. When thinking about designing a website and creating content, we had to be really in touch with how it was going to feel. It’s innocent, cute and joyful and that had to carry through into everything.

We kicked off the “Do” phase by designing the website, starting with creating a sitemap all the way through development and implementation. This is where we really started to use animated gifs and video to bring the characters to life. We wanted to create a sense of movement and highlight how dynamic and full of personality the characters are. While updating the website, we were inspired by the video and it clicked that the characters should be the main narrative that runs through all of the marketing materials, including lead funnels, social media, ads and blogs. Though we added traditional marketing strategies like using SEO tactics to get visibility and funnels aimed at conversions, everything is wrapped in a creative approach. This has resulted in a really cohesive, distinctive brand that stands out.

hello. i like your smile.

We offer high quality pediatric dentistry to children of all ages. Oh, and we make it really fun too. Our goal is to help every child maintain a healthy and happy smile.

Taking a Bite Out of Animation

Our client has a strong design eye and really challenged us to bring something new and exciting to the table from a design perspective. Sometimes that extra push from a client helps us take it to the next level, which is exactly what we did. We brought the Bitesize characters to life through animation and design elements and they are part of every single aspect of the campaign.

Web Design

Of course, the Bitesize characters are the stars of the show. We created a unique video background that looks like part of the site to add depth. Even though the characters are flat lay, we have them moving around the website so it feels like you’re interacting with them, giving it an extra level of creative flair.


We knew we needed to add personalities to the characters and to do this, we had to create avatars for each one. This required tapping into our inner-child in what was arguably the most fun copywriting assignment we’ve ever had. We thought about ways the characters might interact with one another and built out stories for them to add another layer to our character-driven approach.

Graphic Design

After designing the video feature on the site, we launched into showcasing the characters in animated gifs that are now found on the brand’s social media and in their ads and PPC campaigns. It’s truly all about the characters and their design has become the fabric of the whole campaign.