Chen Taekwondo

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Our Process

Getting the Master to step out front.

Chen Taekwondo is a fixture in the martial arts community. With over 35 years of students passing through the gym, Master Chen has helped many people develop confidence, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Master Chen approached us to help him create a better representation of his brand online. We developed a new website, tweaked his branding, took new studio photos and shot an origin story video. All of this in the pursuit of communicating Master Chen’s dedication and sacrifice to passing on the philosophies and values of Taekwondo to future generations. What he didn’t expect was that he was going to have to step out front and finally be the face of the business.

Facing the audience

Often times we come across entrepreneurs who are reluctant to be the face of their own business. In some cases, this is warranted. More often than not, however, we find that business owners who are willing to step into the spotlight often receive significantly more engagement and growth from their audience than those hiding in the shadows. For Master Chen it took over 30 years to get there, but the pay off in his business was worth it.

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What We Learned

We are big into empowerment. Helping entrepreneurs understand that their knowledge and expertise is the most valuable asset they posses is very rewarding to us. It’s that single realization that is the agent for change in most campaigns that we are a part of and the success of our campaigns depend on it.