CIBC Wong Group

Video Marketing / Photography / Graphic Design

Our Process

Untapping expert knowledge.

The Wong Group is a financial management partner of CIBC Wood Gundy committed to high-quality client relationships and individualized financial solutions. Recognizing a need to develop content for their brand, they approached us to create a promo video, redesign their portfolio fact sheets and take new head shots of the team.

It was important for the founders, Terry and Maili Wong, to connect with their script. In order to avoid a contrived or manufactured feel we embarked on a discovery process that allowed the company to recalibrate their corporate vision and unearth the true value propositions of the company.


Trusting the process

For anyone new to content creation, it can often be difficult to envision the final product – especially during development. Our job was to establish a level of trust with The Wong Group that would allow them to feel at ease during the content creation process. This translated into video and photos that showcased the true brand personality.

Graphic Design

Our approach was to design The Wong Group fact sheets in the style of an infographic. We stripped away wordy paragraphs and created visual data points that were stylized but clear to understand.


What We Learned

Establishing a trusting relationship with our clients is the cornerstone for allowing the Noodle Wave team to create 10x content that helps brands reach their business goals. We’re glad The Wong Group gave us that freedom and their content is a reflection of that trust.