Coastal Fruit Company

Web Design / Graphic Design

Our Process

Dialing in on value propositions.

Coastal Fruit Company asked us to help with their website and brochure design. Since they were prepping for an upcoming trade show, we were on a serious deadline and had to fast track the project. The owners were in the market for a simple, yet contemporary look that communicated what sets them apart.

As an exporter of Canadian cherries to China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, Coastal Fruit is about as niche as it gets. Aside from the contemporary angle, they lacked a clear idea of what they wanted and had no artwork or copy to build on. So what do you do when it’s evident you’ll have to start completely from scratch with an extremely specialized client? Immerse yourself in the wholesale fruit industry, of course. Using the industry knowledge we picked up, as well as the features of cherries we learned were desirable, we were able to produce content and design work that aligned with the brand.

During our ‘Think’ process, we unearthed some key value propositions for the company. For example, its innovative packaging system means there are no minimum orders and fruit can be shipped on demand – something the competition wasn’t offering. This was major because it became a focal point of their messaging. Knowing that their initial target audience was Chinese, allowed us to hone in on a red theme to enhance the cultural relevance of Coastal Fruit’s marketing initiative.

Niche is the new black

There’s no industry so niche that creative problem solving doesn’t apply. It’s super rewarding to use design thinking and develop creative solutions for our clients no matter how specialized their work is.

Web Design

We developed a single page, scrolling architecture with navigation that jumps to the desired content. The bright, fresh aesthetic really plays off of the cherries.

Graphic Design

Our aim was to create something that clearly stated Coastal Fruit’s specialization: Cherries. With shocks of red, custom icons and precise value propositions, we were able to design a low-cost piece with a high presentation value.

What We Learned

Helping our clients achieve their goals is really the cherry on top of what we do (you didn’t think we’d let that opportunity slide, did you?). Sometimes they come to us without a clear vision and it’s our job to really tease out their identity and refine their messaging in order to build a brand that reflects who they are.