Craig & Streight Orthodontics

Branding/Graphic Design/Digital Marketing

Our Process

Strategizing for the present and the future

Dr. Ryan Streight bought into Dr. Robi Craig’s existing orthodontic practice and Craig & Streight Orthodontics was launched with locations in Mustang, Norman and Oklahoma City. Dr. Streight knew he wanted to pivot and create a new brand, Smile, Oklahoma. He enlisted the help of Noodle Wave Media to create a strategy for the brand transition.

In the “Think” phase of our process, we had many conversations about what the ultimate destination was going to be and how we could map out a multi-year path to get to that brand. We decided to stick with the current branding in phase one but give it a refresh by implementing a smiley face. In phase two, down the road, Craig & Streight Orthodontics will fully transition into Smile Oklahoma and the smiley face logo will take center stage. We rounded out this part of the process by studying the target audience, hunting for nuances within that audience and creating avatars for Craig & Streight’s key patients.

With our research and strategy in place, we entered the “Feel” phase where we really refined the messaging positioning and positioning and dove into the visuals. We love when clients have a design eye and Dr. Streight was a natural. One of the things we were brought on board to accomplish was to develop a cohesive brand aesthetic across the campaign and marketing materials. We created the new logo and used that as a basis for all of the design work we did.

In the “Do” phase, we designed the collateral and campaign assets, including wall decals, merchandise like hats and t-shirts, stationery and even a design for a billboard. We also implemented strategies for increasing organic visibility and paid traffic. Like with all of our orthodontic clients, our core benchmark involved aligning our measurement of success with our client’s idea of success. In this case, it was leads and starts. By continually analyzing results, we were able to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and adjust as necessary to increase conversions.

It’s Not Always About Reinventing the Wheel

Sometimes, starting from scratch isn’t the best approach. In this case, the Craig & Streight Orthodontics’ team had an amazing connection with their community; they just weren’t amplifying it. By running targeted ads, coming up with impactful creative assets and leveraging the established sense of community, we were able to drive high quality conversions and build on the reputation that was already there.


When designing a logo for Craig & Streight Orthodontics, our goal was to create something that would work with the current branding and also transition to the new Smile, Oklahoma branding that will launch in a few years. The modern smiley face we dreamed up fit the bill. It looks fun and fresh, much like the practice itself. We carried the logo and color scheme over to a ton of different collateral, ranging from t-shirts to decals for a feature wall.

Digital Marketing

Promotions and social campaigns, such as a best teacher contest and a charitable giving initiative, were the cornerstones of Craig & Streight’s marketing campaign. We developed ideas that would resonate with their community. Then, we engaged their audience with fun narratives, helping to galvanize relationships with current patients and get them talking about the business with their friends and family.

Lead Funnels

We had already established lead funnels driving home the value propositions of the brand that targeted very distinct audience avatars in specific geographic areas. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we added another layer to the campaign by implementing a digital consultation funnel to help pivot the business while the office was closed down. We drove traffic to the landing page by creating messaging for ads to let people know that they could safely connect with an orthodontist from the comfort of their own home.