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Our Process

A creative refresh focused on conversions.

Ann-Marie Fleming, the owner of Dog Quality, is one of the most passionate business owners we’ve encountered. Her company makes specialized assistance products for senior dogs to help improve their quality of life and she truly lives and breathes her mission. Yet, when she came to us, she had a year of down sales. She had been running the business entirely on her own and needed an injection of creativity. We instantly clicked. She felt as if the Noodle Wave team “got it” and understood what she was trying to do and achieve. The fact that a lot of us are dog lovers and owners didn’t hurt either.

We spent a lot of time in the “Think” phase and really dug deep into the data. We started from the ground up by looking at her historic sales and understanding what was happening when sales were down. Dog Quality is a multi-channel business since it gets conversions from Amazon and its own website and has a global audience, which meant we had to re-architect quite a large distribution setup. We also looked at the existing PPC campaigns and found they were on autopilot. We re-structured the PPC campaigns by adding a layer of Facebook advertising and lead funnels and using a variety of creative and mixed media to maximize conversions. The final aspect of our “Think” process was mining the Dog Quality email list for segmentation opportunities, so we could later provide tailored messaging and offerings to those customer segments.

One of our first projects in the “Do” phase was refreshing the Dog Quality logo and website. We also supported the client in crafting creative ideas, content and promotions for social media. Not only did we create consistency in brand voice and aesthetic across multiple channels, we made sure the entire conversion architecture was optimized by fine-tuning everything, including the site, landing pages and email drip campaigns. When it was time to add a second layer by developing a brand video, our goal was to cast a wide net, letting us have a broad reach for pulling in conversions. The result? Dog Quality is already back at historic sales year over year and Ann-Marie is continuing to bring hope and happiness to senior pooches and their humans.

Believing in the Approach

Ann-Marie herself has played a huge role in enabling us to achieve what we have so far with Dog Quality. She’s incredibly responsive and gracious with her time. She’s open, receptive and makes time for every single request and idea we have and her campaign is better for it. It just goes to show that when the client really buys into our approach, the potential is limitless.

Video Marketing

I’m not crying, you’re crying. We admit the brand video is a bit of a tearjerker because we wanted it to hit on an emotional touch point for Dog Quality’s audience and appeal to a broad range of people. With the conversion architecture optimized and ready to go, we were able to engage viewers on social and pull them into the Dog Quality community. Ultimately, turning them into happy customers. So far, the video has over 1 million views and is still going strong!

Web Design

We refreshed the website after performing a conversion rate optimization (CRO) audit. We looked at every single page and analyzed every single click in order to improve on-site conversions. This lead to us making tweaks like changing the navigation, optimizing each page with CTAs, making it clear that shipping is free and adding sizing guides.

Lead Funnels

We’re a conversion-minded agency and that’s evident in the lead funnels we develop and our constant testing of messaging and creative assets to zero in on the best performing ads. With Dog Quality, our PPC campaigns drive traffic to well-articulated lead funnels, running the gamut from value-add funnels to squeeze pages. This has helped increase brand awareness, online conversions and email list growth.


We gave the Dog Quality logo a makeover and carried the brand voice and aesthetic across the website, social and all assets, both online and offline.


Taking photos of adorable dogs and awesome life-changing products is a hard job but somebody has to do it! We were really able to create professional consistency across the website with polished catalog and lifestyle photos that capture exactly what Dog Quality is about.

I was drawn to Noodle Wave because of their focus on storytelling. I don’t believe in the hard sell and have always tried to be genuine in how we present Dog Quality and the mission we are on to help senior dogs and their families. It was therefore very important to me to find marketing partners that shared this way of thinking. Not only is the entire NW team dog lovers, but they really understand what we are trying to do with our products, our strategy and our mission to help dogs around the world enjoy their golden years. The way they craft the messaging, the creatives, the overall vibe is perfectly inline with our goals and philosophy. Probably the biggest compliment I can give Roy and his team is that I completely trust them with our brand. They truly care, they truly want us to succeed and they have amazing, creative ideas to tell our story in so many different and compelling ways. As a result our site traffic, engagement and sales are way up and I feel that I have so many brilliant people all working towards growing Dog Quality. Noodlewave is a part of the Dog Quality team!

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Our Results

Not only did we help Dog Quality get back to historic sales year over year, we’ve actually surpassed them, boosting revenue and brining in new, loyal customers.

increase in total revenue

increase in adwords conversions

decrease in cost per conversions