Dr. Sandra Tai

Web Design

Our Process

Keeping it simple.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Sandra Tai for over six years. In that time, she’s built a strong reputation as an Invisalign Top 1% Provider and has become a leading global Invisalign speaker and educator. We’re talking about some serious expertise here! Now, she needed a visual web presentation that aligned with her public image. She approached us to develop a new website for her orthodontic office as well as an ecommerce-enabled site for her speaking business, Aligner Resources.

Aligner Resources was a new concept for Dr. Tai. Her speaking engagements take her all over the world, which doesn’t leave her with a lot of time to dive into the administrative end of things. Our solution was an ecommerce site that allows her attendees to easily purchase tickets online while keeping the processing of each participant to a minimum.

With her orthodontic site, the challenge was developing the content around Dr. Tai’s extensive speaking schedule. Thankfully, the members of the Noodle Wave team are orthodontic aficionados. During the “Think” phases of our process, we tapped into our substantial experience in the vertical allowing us to create intelligent copy with minimal supervision.

Monetizing Thought Leadership

This was a fun departure from our traditional ecommerce implementations, which tend to be focused on product-based companies. Building an ecommerce site for Dr. Tai’s thought leadership business was a unique experience and a fantastic example of just how empowering digital entrepreneurship really is.

Web Design

We created a modern, clean website for Dr. Tai’s orthodontic practice with straightforward navigation and well-placed calls to action to increase conversions. The aesthetic reflects her brand and bright personality. For Aligner Resources, we wanted to ensure the user experience felt intuitive and safe while providing Dr. Tai the ability on the backend to manage customers and process payments with very little effort. Her speaking programs and courses had a complex set of criteria and were broken down into several modules that would run in a variety of different countries. We architected the information so it was easily accessible for users while keeping the messaging clear and simple.

What We Learned

We really gained a handle on how to bring an ecommerce approach to a thought leadership business. It required us to take complex and more abstract information and distill it down into neat packages that users could place in their virtual shopping cart.