Ella Shoes

Web Design / Internet Marketing / Photography / Graphic Design

Our Process

Crafting brand narratives that convert.

Ella Shoes is one of Vancouver’s most unique women’s and men’s European leather shoe retailers. We have had the privilege of working with Ella Shoes for three years, during which time we’ve helped the brand maneuver, adjust and reset to experience record growth.

When we first started working with Ella Shoes they needed a lot of help. They had great products, but no one knew about them. There was no consistent narrative and the customer experience online and offline was disconnected and confusing. They were battered by inventory issues and the product line was focused on the wrong demographic.

The turning point came when we developed a narrative around the handcrafted and exclusive European lines they carried. This became the thesis statement for all marketing messages moving forward. We designed a new eCommerce-enabled website, ran fashion photo shoots for each season, created consistent high-quality product images, lined up the in-store and online experiences, fixed inventory issues and implemented PR initiatives to engage fashion thought leaders.

The end result is the campaign has brought over 40% sales growth in the store and 150% growth online and it all started with just a few well-crafted sentences.

Beyond the online experience

Through the process of helping Ella Shoes solve some practical business issues, we became involved, more so than with any other client, in developing and implementing offline marketing and PR strategies. This provided a challenging but fantastic opportunity for the Noodle Wave team to bring together a full-service marketing campaign that captured a seamless online and offline experience. We received a 360-degree view of how the Ella Shoes customer engages with the brand allowing us to tweak and continue to improve the campaign.

Web Design

For the Ella Shoes site, testing and tweaking navigation and sales funnels was vital to the success of increasing website conversions.

Graphic Design

Our focus for design was on communicating the brand voice while enforcing the stand out value propositions in a creative and exciting way.


From the beginning, photography was a significant component of helping tell the Ella Shoes story. Creating a fashion lookbook helped the Ella audience envision what to pair their shoes with and connected with the lifestyle of the target audience.

Our Results

Helping implement transformational change in a business is one of the most gratifying aspects of what we do. When our clients succeed, so do we.

Increase in retail store sales

Increase public relations exposure