Evergreen Orthodontics

Web Design / Internet Marketing / Graphic Design

Our Process

Building brand awareness…twice.

Dr. Lee of Evergreen Orthodontics came to us as a new office start. New starts are really rewarding because we get to see the client’s brand and entrepreneurial confidence grow. Although Dr. Lee had been practicing as an associate, she was ready to step out on her own.

With any new brand, awareness is always the first hurdle to tackle. Additionally, for healthcare providers like Dr. Lee, trust and credibility are vital to the success of their business. Having multiple office locations meant she needed to overcome these challenges in two very competitive markets – Coquitlam and Vancouver.

The first order of business in the ‘Do’ stage was launching a new site that presented the brand’s value propositions in an Evergreen way. Through intelligent copy, messaging and positioning, plus creative design, we developed a Pacific Northwest vibe for the practice that resonated with the local audience. Next, it was on to the content, which we used to highlight Dr. Lee’s expertise. Localized pieces were thrown in the mix to engage her community. We implemented a review funnel to grow social proof and established trust by showcasing these reviews. Finally, we kicked off PPC campaigns and lead funnels to increase conversions of her Coquitlam and Vancouver audiences.

Know, Like, Trust

For every Noodle Wave campaign we architect for our clients, authenticity is a huge component of our success. That’s why we spend so much time helping businesses discover their voice, know their audience and implement marketing strategies to establish trust. There’s no cookie cutter solution for authenticity and we like it that way.

Web Design

With images of evergreens and a nature-inspired aesthetic, this responsive site is beautiful. More importantly, however, it gets right to the heart of it: Why patients should visit Dr. Lee and what she has to offer. The simple, informative content and user-friendly navigation ensure visitors can find the answers they’re looking for.

Graphic Design

As evidenced by the name of the practice, Dr. Lee is inspired by the evergreen tree, which stays green year-round and symbolizes the consistency in her quality of care and results. Using evergreens and a color scheme reminiscent of sky, water and trees, we let the landscape of British Columbia serve as our muse. We carried the theme into everything from the logo to promotional materials.

Our Results

Breaking into two competitive markets can be tricky but not when you have Noodle Wave by your side! Evergreen is dominating the search results for a number of important keywords, giving Dr. Lee’s brand the necessary visibility. The best part? Thanks to our PPC campaigns, people aren’t just looking, they’re becoming patients.