Family Office

Web Design

Our Process

Design thinking for a niche market.

The good folks at Family Office of Physicians and Surgeons tapped us to help them design a new website for a very niche service. Family Office provides financial, legal and accounting services to medical practitioners. That didn’t stop us from developing an intelligent user experience to help doctors on a time crunch understand the company’s value propositions quickly.

This project was a fun challenge in exercising our creative problem-solving muscles. How does one take a broad range of services tailored to a laser-focused target audience and create a memorable message? Simple. You make the audience visualize it.

We created interactive graphics throughout the site to help users understand the Family Office service scope by allowing them to engage with the visuals. Interactive pie charts, infographic-style illustrations and custom web icons all helped in streamlining the message.

Listening before leaping

The better we understand our clients’ business, the better we can dial in on nuances and discover the creative “ah-ha” moments. During the development process it was important for us to truly understand the landscape of Family Office’s operating environment – luckily, they were willing to teach us. We participated in presentations and Q&A sessions, referenced industry leaders and developed a feedback loop from the client and their stakeholders. The end result was a site that breaks through the noise with a laser-focused presentation.

Web Design

Our goal for the Family Office website was to create a modern aesthetic that didn’t come off as pretentious. Using strong fonts, simple messaging and full width images allowed us to ensure the key messages were communicated clearly.

What We Learned

One of the most gratifying aspects of our work is to hear our customers say, “I love what you guys created.” In order to get to this place with Family Office, we needed to really invest in listening to who they are in order to interpret a complex set of communication requirements. By doing so, we were able to create an artistic representation of their brand that strikes a lasting connection with the target audience.