Fresh Lens

Web Design / Branding / Internet Marketing

Our Process

Getting laser focused on a target audience.

The founders of Fresh Lens, a Canadian contact lens retailer, reached out to Noodle Wave to help them spin off a previous brand into a new identity. They needed us to create a fresh logo and set up a new eCommerce and order fulfillment infrastructure. While launching the brand awareness campaign, we also had to ensure we maintained the company’s current client base and conversions.

Fresh Lens has great prices, responsive customer service and super fast free shipping, which all seems like a slam-dunk, right? Unfortunately, the contact lens retail space is extremely competitive and crowded. As a Canadian retailer, it was crucial we also got visibility in the United States market. We couldn’t compete with the ad spend of bigger companies. This required us to really hone in on who our target audience was in the ‘Think‘ phase of our process. This was no easy feat considering contact lenses are a mass consumer product. In fact, more than 30 million people in the U.S. alone wear them. That’s a lot of eyeballs.

Using behavioral and consumer data (yes, we’re data nerds), we were able to select a few key target audiences with PPC ads. We also segmented by product type so the bestselling items were getting high visibility. We used our data-driven approach in the ‘Do‘ stage to discover opportunities for onpage improvements on the site to make sure it was easy to use and the user experience was intuitive, which led to higher conversions. Since the audience’s interests are wide ranging, we created a social aesthetic that had more of lifestyle vibe rather than just focusing on the product. We also crafted blog content that was both lifestyle and technical in nature.

Making Better Decisions With Data

For Noodle Wave, data-driven marketing decisions are the cornerstone of a successful campaign. You can’t raise brand awareness or reach people by just throwing out generic messages into the wind, or the virtual wind in this case. Understanding who we’re talking to and what their needs and motivations are, allows us to craft targeted messages that resonate with a specific audience. Once we have their attention, we take it a step further by learning what is intuitive to this audience, which helps us to create the optimal user experience.

Web Design

Contact lens sites can be overcomplicated. They require consumers to input their contact lens prescription details, which can be cumbersome, and the order process is often very confusing. For Fresh Lens, we aimed to streamline this with a clear order and checkout process. We used large images, simplified content and easy-to-read type. Keeping in line with the brand, we wanted the site to feel fresh.


The objective was to create a logo using a modern symbol that exemplified the colorful range of contact lens solutions that Fresh Lens provides while also reflecting the variety of customers the company would be serving. The circle band of colors is our take on an iris.

Our Results

By identifying and speaking directly to Fresh Lens’ target audience, raising brand awareness and creating an intuitive, easy-to-navigate site, we were able to help the company quickly increase conversions, revenue and even the average order value.

increase in total revenue

conversion rate

increase in conversion rate

increase in average order value