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Our Process

Giving orthodontics a Fresh brand voice.

Fresh Orthodontics, located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, provided us an opportunity to develop the clinic’s branding, website and marketing campaign. From the beginning, we understood that we needed to communicate with the Brooklyn community in a voice they would receive.

During our ‘Think’ process, we immersed ourselves in the Brooklyn culture and created a brand voice and aesthetic that set itself apart from Fresh Orthodontics’ competitors and the rest of the industry while speaking directly to its target audience.

In our ‘Do’ phase, we developed copy and messaging on the website and all marketing channels that expressed a consistent brand voice. This helped engage the Fresh audience in a way that stood out.

Getting hyperlocal with content

Developing localized and contextual content is an important strategy for any brick and mortar business. For this campaign it was vital for us to create pieces that spoke to the local community and provided the Fresh commentary on real-time issues or current events. Mixed in with evergreen content, we sprinkled in creative content that allowed Fresh to be an active participant in the local conversation rather than just a spectator. Not surprisingly, this content hit more social and traffic metrics than any other content.

Web Design

Just because we’re building an orthodontic brand doesn’t mean it has to look boring. By creating a user experience that feels modern and fun with a dash of quirky, Fresh Orthodontics was able to gain conversions on the strength of the website design alone.

Graphic Design

With the brand voice so entrenched in every aspect of the design and marketing campaign, it was only right to ensure that all graphic elements also carried this messaging through to the final drop of ink.

Our Results

With amount of careful attention we paid to the brand voice, the design elements and the marketing strategies, it brings us great satisfaction to see fantastic results coming in quickly.

Increase in Client Consults

Increase In PR-related Referral Traffic