Graft Periodontics

Web Design / Branding / Graphic Design

Our Process

Building confidence through design.

It is a great joy to watch our clients build their brands and grow into confident entrepreneurs. We consider it a privilege to be a part of that process. For Graft Periodontics it was no different. Dr. Joslin asked us to design a logo, website, corporate package and take professional head shot photos for her bio and profiles.

Like many new business owners, Dr. Joslin was excited but nervous about building her new clinic. We were there to walk her through the design and development process. Once we were finished, Graft Periodontics was born and Dr. Joslin now had the confidence and the tools in place to help her open her new clinic with a splash.

Design consistency

While developing the design treatment for the website, we decided we would incorporate elements from the interior of the clinic. We sampled textures, colours and materials from the interior design swatches and worked them into the backgrounds of content on the site. This created a design consistency between the online and offline experiences.

Web Design

Graphic Design

For the branding, our vision was to create an artistic, abstract representation of teeth moving through a process toward health. Once we finished designing referral pads, business cards, letterhead and envelopes, Graft was ready to meet the world.


What We Learned

Working on this project was a great reminder of how the design process contributes to instilling confidence in our clients as they see the brand come to life visually.