Gray Olive

Branding / Web Design / Photography

Our Process

Democratizing the food creation process.

The Gray Olive is an up-and-coming eatery dedicated to serving comfort food with high-quality ingredients. In a contrarian approach to creating its menu, The Gray Olive seeks to crowd source its audience for menu inspirations and ideas.

The executive team approached Noodle Wave to be part of the process in making the vision a reality. We are starting with the branding and expanding to website development and a marketing campaign. It’s an exciting time for the fellas at The Gray Olive; we’re just happy to be a part of the story.

A hybrid of classic and modern

When listening to The Gray Olive founders talk about food, we instantly sensed the passion they have for their vision. Taking a modern approach to traditional foods is something we can definitely get behind. It was only right that the logo symbolize that hybrid. We started with vintage crests and worked our way forward in to time to create a brand that represents the coming together of many generations of design.

Web Design

A single page, scrolling architecture meant the scope of the site would remain focused on the important information.


What We Learned

We believe all forms of creativity are a remix of a previous idea or influence. It’s the expression and execution of how we build on those influences that determines our creative prowess. Working with The Gray Olive reminded us of how fun that can be.