Hawley Orthodontics

Website Design/Digital Marketing/Video Marketing/Graphic Design

Our Process

Tapping into the power of authenticity

Dr. Nathan Hawley of Hawley Orthodontics in Papillion, Nebraska had a clear vision of what he wanted for his brand. Yet, the business’s marketing looked and sounded like everyone else’s and wasn’t highlighting the company’s unique value propositions. Dr. Hawley enlisted Noodle Wave to design a customized marketing strategy that helped communicate the brand’s unique personality. Considering Hawley Orthodontics was already entrenched in the community and had a certain level of thought leadership and visibility, our main challenge was taking an established brand to the next level by using creative ideas to expand their reach into the surrounding areas.

During the “Think” phase of the process, as we were gaining an understanding of Hawley Orthodontics as a brand and honing in on their target audience, we hit on the fact that Dr. Hawley is all about family. We knew this would appeal to his audience, who we found had similar family values. Another discovery was that Dr. Hawley’s wife, Stacie, happens to be an extremely talented photographer who takes stunning photos of the patients to showcase their new smiles. The Hawleys didn’t want to use stock photos and this idea of real results came to the forefront. The overarching strategy we developed revolved around communicating these family values and a sense of authenticity.

In our “Do” phase we revamped the website and relied heavily on photos of actual patients to add a personal touch. We provided social coaching to give the practice creative ideas and a sense of how to use different social mediums to drive engagement. We made sure the narratives were in line across all channels, including social media, the website, emailers, blogs and even lead funnels. We then launched PPC and ad campaigns. Using these narratives of family values and authentic results, we’ve had some of the best conversions we’ve seen on any campaign and that has ultimately helped our client’s business grow tremendously.

Family Matters

The Hawleys are a big and loving family and their team at Hawley Orthodontics is part of their extended family. We knew this would speak to other families and that this family narrative was key. Once we honed in on this and started to build on it, it became very clear what the strategy would be and how everything would roll out.

Web Design

Though conversion-driven, the website we created is also authentic, personal and captures the spirit of the brand. It’s been essential in connecting with people and helping to grow the business.

Graphic Design

The Hawleys are visual thinkers, so graphic design has been an important element in the campaign. The brand aesthetic carries through all of the assets, including table toppers, social media collateral, the email newsletter design, geofilters for Snapchat, banners and video work.

Lead Funnels

We used video ads featuring actual Hawley Orthodontics patients smiling and this made an immediate connection with the audience. We architected a PPC campaign and lead funnel that pulled together this idea of real results with an enticing offer, which allowed us to maximize conversions.

Our Results

Conversions were the name of the game with Hawley Orthodontics. We boosted traffic and we were able to help the practice grow by getting new visitors to actually convert.