Houston Orthodontic Specialists

Branding/Web Design/Digital Marketing/Graphic Design

Our Process

Architecting the Launch Pad for Success

Dr. Vladimir Tabakman came to us with two offices, one in Bellaire, Texas and another in Houston, that had distinctly different brand aesthetics and messaging, as well as separate names and websites. He had seen our previous work with brand changes and wanted our guidance. We recommended a unified branding strategy and the goal became to unite the two offices under the banner of Houston Orthodontic Specialists.

The challenge was that within each community, the offices had great client relationships and, as we discovered during the “Think” phase of the campaign, the audiences in Bellaire and West Houston were very different. For the client, managing how both audiences would receive the brand transition was a high priority. For that reason, it’s one of the first times we put a lot of focus on the pre-launch and actually did a mini-launch before we even started the marketing campaign to make sure all digital properties, including social media, Google Places and the website were aligned with the launch.

We began the process by creating a symbol that could represent the merging of the offices. With the new logo in place, we then designed the website. Since the client wanted the brand to launch with the website, we built lead funnels and landing pages into the site from the get-go. We also did all of the design for collateral materials so they could order things from their printer in time for announcing the new brand. We crafted an emailer for patients with messaging to explain the change and a visual that illustrated the old logo transforming into the new logo. Everything from the website to the updated social accounts to the emailer launched the same day. Because all of the pieces of the puzzle had to come together simultaneously, once the marketing kicked in and we entered the “Do” phase, we were ahead of the game.

Trusting the Process

The foundation of all of our campaigns comes from well-articulated workflows and processes not only to meet clients’ expectations but also to extract the most value out of our strategies. This campaign was unique and required us to break up the campaign into phases with a mini-launch of the brand. The success really illustrates our adaptability and shows that sometimes the path to a great brand or marketing campaign isn’t linear.


The name Houston Orthodontic Specialists is broad, so we wanted to create a symbol that was extra special, had a “cool” factor and would represent both offices when they merged into one brand. This time, it became more about lines, composition, color and subtle tweaks, as opposed to necessarily embedding deeper meanings. Our goal is always to design logos that can stand on their own and become synonymous with the brand and, in this case, the end result achieved that.

Web Design

In order to create the most authentic voice for the brand, the website doesn’t rely on stock photos and instead all of the photos are of the Houston Orthodontic Specialists team, their offices and their real patients. Additionally, the site was designed with conversions in mind right from the beginning. Landing pages were built into the site at the launch and the site debuted at the same time as the brand, enabling it to become a holistic marketing tool optimized with conversion funnels.

Graphic Design

We spent a lot of time ahead of the launch doing design work for collateral materials, ranging from hats to referral pads to pens. This way, the transition was absolutely seamless and everything was ready to go.

Lead Funnels

Everything we do in our campaigns is focused on conversions. For Houston Orthodontic Specialists, we created a variety of lead funnels to elevate leads and starts. From payment calculators to standard value proposition landing pages we designed funnels to enhance the user experience while capturing high value customers, ultimately providing a huge lift in business growth.