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Branding/Web Design/Digital Marketing/Graphic Design

Our Process

Creatively pulling it all together

Innovative Dental Partners is a multi-specialty dental facility in Naperville, Illinois with separate pediatric dentistry, orthodontic and adult dentistry practices housed under one roof. Husband and wife owners, Dr. Manal Ibrahim and Dr. Anthony LaVacca, decided it was time to reinvent Innovative Dental Partners. There was a big disconnect between the in-office experience and the digital experience and they struggled with getting their digital marketing efforts to actually convert. They called in Noodle Wave to help with re-branding, building new websites for the practices and breathing life into their marketing strategy.

It wasn’t until Marketing Director, Roy Chong, flew to Naperville to meet with the Innovative Dental Partners team and was able to see the operation in person that he realized the opportunity. The three dental offices are all connected in a linear path and patients can walk through their entire oral health journey, starting in the pediatric office as a child, moving on to orthodontics as a teenager and then heading to the adult dentistry practice.

This idea of a smile timeline really informed the whole campaign and it helped inspire the ideas we developed during the ‘Think’ phase of our process. The first step was unifying the branding across all three offices by creating a symbol that tied them together. In this case, it was the “i” that makes its appearance in each of their logos. We developed a website for Innovative Dental Partners that served as a destination to explain how it’s the overarching company for the three practices. We then started building out marketing strategies and lead funnels, as well as social media consulting to help carry the brand voice. At the time, their social presence was automated and came from a template. We added contextual content to the feed and injected a level of authenticity. The combination of increased search visibility, a hyper-focus on lead funnels and conversions, using social media to run promos and contests, authentic content, growing the email lists and developing email drip lead funnels has led to a huge boost in brand visibility and business growth.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

When Roy saw that the offices for the three practices under the Innovative Dental Partners umbrella were all physically connected, he had an “A-Ha” moment. Patients enter into the pediatric office and can literally walk through to the orthodontic and then adult dentistry offices, creating a sense of a smile timeline. Sometimes it just takes another set of eyes to see the big picture. We began envisioning the messaging around this journey and it became the launching pad for the entire campaign.

Web Design

We created a unique user experience on the main Innovative Dental Partners website. The “i” symbol essentially represents the user. As they scroll through, they walk through their oral care journey much like they would in the physical offices. We also revamped the websites for the individual practices so that the aesthetic and design language carried through all offices.

Graphic Design

We dove in head first with graphic design work across all media, such as magazine and TV ads, motion graphics for video and helping with other collateral materials, including sandwich boards and vinyl graphics. Innovative Dental Partners already had a strong presence in Naperville but we pulled everything together by creating a cohesive look for all of the brand’s online and offline assets.

Lead Funnels

Our number one focus is always conversions and everything we do is targeted towards that goal. The lead funnels we’ve created for the Innovative Dental Partners practices illustrate the art and science of marrying inbound traffic through paid ads and high-converting landing pages that aren’t overly salesy.

On the 10th anniversary of our dental facility, housing separate pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and adult dentistry practices, we decided to re-invent ourselves by re-branding, building 3 new websites and take our marketing to a whole new level. We also wanted results-driven social media and internet marketing. This was a lofty mission and finding a company to work with who understood and shared our vision and who was able to carve out a path for us to accomplish our business goals was not an easy task. We were lucky enough to come across Noodle Wave Media and have been working with them for over a year now. When I say BLOWN AWAY, it does not even express how phenomenal our experience has been. Every project, every request, every detail has exceeded our expectations. Roy along with the entire team are incredibly professional, knowledgeable, creative, responsive, timely and passionate about their work. You can tell they each put their talents in to motion on each project and work tirelessly until it is perfected and until we are completely satisfied. We immediately began to reap the rewards of their hard work and have been able to consistently measure an increase in our new patient flow as it correlates with each project. We are thrilled to be working with this fantastic team and look forward to utilizing more of their creative offerings in the future.

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Our Results

We’ve seen tremendous results across all three practices in the Innovative Dental Partners’ family. By being conversion-minded, we’ve ensured the massive boost in traffic has led to a significant and measurable increase in new patient flow to help our clients grow the businesses.


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