Branding / Photography

Our Process

Shaping the image.

Lip-n-Lollies is a novelty chocolate treat brand that features decorative chocolate lips and mustaches that you can wear or eat. The founder came to us with the idea and asked us to develop a logo and some images for the launch. Shooting chocolate and models seemed like a no brainer to us!

Our approach was to develop a brand with a 50’s candy shop aesthetic. The business card was die cut into a lip shape to give the founder extra impact when she started hitting the pavement. We went with a more modern, edgy feel inspired by Terry Richardson for the photos.


What We Learned

This project was all about having fun and being expressive. Sometimes we have to dig deep to find the creative inspiration and other times it just seems to fall in our lap. Either way, we’ve learned to embrace every moment and always be ready for a good idea.