Lohn Caulder

Web Design / Photography

Our Process

Generating leads with user-friendly design.

Lohn Caulder, a Vancouver accounting and consulting firm, hadn’t updated its site in five years, which is essentially several decades in Internet years. During that time, a lot had changed in the organization and the current site wasn’t reflecting these changes. Our job was to give Lohn Caulder’s web presence a facelift while developing a better way for users to navigate information about the firm. We also wanted to make sure the site was implemented with lead funnels that converted potential clients into viable leads with appropriately timed calls to action placed throughout.

With several partners at the helm, ensuring the site aesthetics and architecture met all of their requirements was challenging. During the ‘Think‘ phase of our process, we listened to the needs of the individual partners and worked out creative solutions to accommodate each of their concerns. By flushing out our sitemap and wireframes prior to development, we were able to align expectations and deliverables.

Capturing the essence

When we moved into the ‘Feel‘ stage, we developed a lead copy line for the website which became the centerpiece for the aesthetic design concept. After studying the resources the client provided about the company, the phrase “An Elevated View” was birthed, which perfectly summarized the vision for the firm.

Web Design

Through our website development process, we uncovered opportunities to improve the information architecture of the site. Now users can readily find what they’re looking for. By using simple messaging and breaking up the copy, we improved readability and visitors’ ability to digest the pertinent details.


The firm’s leadership was a focal point of the site. We recommended that Lohn Caulder invest in new headshots for partners and key members of the leadership team. This really helped give the website a polished finish.

Our Results

The updated website offers an intuitive way for current clients to access the most relevant accounting information while potential clients can gain a sense of the firm’s expertise. Lead funnels also convert these potential clients into leads. The overall polished and more modern appearance better reflects the firm’s direction.