Moon Orthodontics

Web Design / Branding / Graphic Design / Internet Marketing

Our Process

Strategic thinking for a fresh start.

Dr. Moon of Moon Orthodontics left his former partnership to open two new offices in Olathe and Overland Park, Kansas. So though he’d been practicing orthodontics for years, this would be his first venture on his own. He called in Noodle Wave to help create his new brand because as any entrepreneur knows, starting over is a challenge. First and foremost, you won’t get any clients if no one knows your name, so brand awareness is key. Secondly, as a healthcare provider, Dr. Moon needed to establish himself as an expert patients could trust.

Because we’d be attempting to break into a competitive market, we spent a lot of time in the ‘Think’ part of our process strategizing, profiling Dr. Moon’s target audience, or in this case, audiences, setting goals and really discovering what Dr. Moon’s assets and value propositions were.

Once we had a plan in place, we kicked off the ‘Do’ stage by creating a responsive website that clearly highlighted what sets Dr. Moon apart. Playing off his name, we worked moon imagery into the site as well as the rest of his branding for consistency. The voice is friendly and easy to understand, yet authoritative, much like Dr. Moon himself. A mix of informative and localized content helped Dr. Moon connect with potential patients in the community and showcased his knowledge. A review funnel was a valuable tool in the trust building department and provided social proof. Yet it was our PPC campaigns and lead funnels that really led to serious conversions.

In transition

Our clients often come to us after splitting with a previous partnership. This can be a stressful and tense time. Having managed many of these transitions, it’s always rewarding to see our clients break through the uncertainty with a new identity and sense of hope.

Web Design

Dr. Moon’s new site captures his personality in look, feel and tone. However, it isn’t just beautiful and user-friendly, it’s a conversion machine with well-placed calls to action and lead funnels.

Graphic Design

Ensuring each client’s brand brings an exciting new approach to their vertical while representing the value propositions of their company is one our ultimate expressions of creative problem solving. Moon Orthodontics’ campaign was no exception. Using the moon as a motif for all of the office’s creative assets creates a wonderful consistency that is strikingly memorable.

Our Results

We’re beyond thrilled with how quickly the Olathe and Overland Park communities took to Dr. Moon’s new practice and the results keep on getting better. From impressive website traffic to an even more impressive lead conversion rate on a PPC campaign, the brand is really on an upward trajectory.


Lead Conversion rate on PPC campaign