Mutti Dental

Video Marketing

Our Process

Bringing you into the clinic.

Mutti Dental is a dental clinic based in Surrey, BC. As an established dental practitioner in Surrey, Dr. Mutti needed a creative video piece that provided a vignette of the Mutti Dental in-clinic experience.

Although we were in a tight space, we found creative ways to open up the look of the video and provide an up-close view of Dr. Mutti and her dental team. Our narrative was to give the viewer a sense of what a typical patient process would look like from reception to consultation to treatment.


What We Learned

Working on the Mutti Dental project was a great exercise in finding creative ways to shoot a video in a very limited amount of space. Often times with web videos, many decisions and adjustments have to be made on the fly. This is another example of how we use creative problem solving to deliver great content.