NuAGE Laser

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Our Process

Reinventing a brand for growth.

NuAGE Laser is a laser treatment clinic located in Coal Harbour, Vancouver that specializes in skin care and laser treatments for improved skin health. They approached us at the point where the clinic was ready to invest in growing their business. With overly complicated branding, a website that didn’t communicate brand messaging and a social presence that came off too salesy, NuAGE was feeling things getting stale.

We started with rebranding, messaging and positioning that focused on the sense of new beginnings. We also crafted messaging that drew out the brand’s most unique value propositions. We then developed a website and marketing campaign that distributes the brand message and engages its target audience.

Discovering the brand voice

Defining the brand voice is an important step in every Noodle Wave campaign. It sets the foundation and tone for all of the creative and marketing initiatives we implement. We spent a lot of time with NuAGE to dial in on what the most important value propositions are to the brand and its audience. We then found a strategy for communicating the messaging in a way that reflects the NuAGE identity. In other words, we allowed NuAGE to be the life of the party rather than hide in the corner between two ferns.

Web Design

We wanted the site to communicate the transformational confidence people experience from using NuAGE’s services. We wanted the site to communicate the transformational confidence that people experience from using Nuage services.


Our creative “ah-ha” moment for the branding came as we were discussing the messaging and positioning. We keyed in on creating a symbol with “Nu” to represent the various associations to treatments: feeling new confidence and gaining new health and a new sense of youth.

I had been working with Roy and Noodle Wave for around 3 years. They were able to rebrand my company, design my website and SEO optimize our site in the most streamless way possible. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and have been recommending them to everyone I know!

EllieNuage Laser

What We Learned

As we move into the marketing and outreach phase of this campaign, we go in with the confidence that the proper groundwork has been laid. The Noodle Wave process continues to generate the results our clients expect and that is something we are very proud of.