Pelvic Pain Doc

Web Design/Graphic Design/Digital Marketing/PR

Our Process

Establishing a Voice

Dr. Sonia Bahlani aka the Pelvic Pain Doc is a pelvic pain specialist and she saw an opportunity to be a voice in an area of healthcare where there aren’t many voices. In fact, a lot of the women suffering from the urologic and gynecological pelvic pain syndromes she treats, don’t even realize they have a legitimate problem and just live with their pain. Dr. Bahlani is on a mission to bring the topics of pelvic pain and women’s sexual health to the forefront and be a trusted resource for people to turn to. She reached out to Noodle Wave Media for help in doing this.

This was a campaign where we spent a lot of time in the “Feel” stage of our process, which is where we focus on audience engagement. In this case, we built off of her messaging, which was tailored to women, and created a female-focused brand. We crafted content meant to help grow her business and establish her as a thought leader, so we can scale from there.

During the “Do” stage of Pelvic Pain Doc’s campaign, we built a website and set up lead funnels to drive traffic to it. We also provided her with a media kit, which was extremely important because it allowed the media to vet her credentials. Thought leadership and PR are a big part of our approach with this campaign. The final pieces tying everything together were her blog content and an e-book, which serve to educate and inform women and highlight Dr. Bahlani’s expertise.

Breaking the Silence

When we learned that so many women were suffering from pelvic pain issues in silence and not realizing that they had real problems that could be treated or managed, truthfully, it broke our hearts. It’s so inspiring to see someone like Dr. Bahlani advocating for and championing this area of healthcare. While, of course, our aim was to grow her brand, it was almost equally about the end user. In each step, we thought about how they would benefit from their interaction with Dr. Bahlani and that drove everything we did for the campaign.

Digital Marketing

We helped give Pelvic Pain Doc the resources, tools and confidence through her PR to reach out to some huge media players. In fact, she even appeared on The Dr. Oz Show. Part of gaining access to a platform like that is having a professional presentation and messaging about who you are and what you do. The Pelvic Pain Doc website, media kit and content really helped a lot in these areas and seeing Dr. Bahlani on the show was a big moment for all of us!

Web Design

We wanted to create a female-focused site and you can sense that through the colors and typography. Because Pelvic Pain Doc wants to be a resource for women, we designed the site as a destination for people to get more information, which is why the blogs are up front. Dr. Bahlani is transparent and approachable and we made sure the website is as well.


Dr. Bahlani is very transparent on Instagram and her audience respects that and really responds to her authenticity. We’ve taken some of that voice and pulled it into her blog copy, which also happens to be extremely well researched and supportive of her mission. We further carried her voice into a comprehensive e-book delving into the nuances of pelvic pain that we helped to write. Pelvic Pain Doc is an example to show that it really doesn’t matter how niche your vertical is, we can help you create quality copy.