Premiere Surgical Arts

Web Design / Branding / Graphic Design / Internet Marketing

Our Process

Creating a new recipe for success.

It’s always a joy for us to be a part of a new venture. In the case of Premiere Surgical Arts, it meant we got to develop the brand from scratch. Dr. Jung came to us to help him bring his dream of opening a cosmetic surgery center in Houston, Texas to life. While it was exciting, we did have our work cut out for us. The biggest challenge in any new business is creating brand awareness, particularly in such a competitive market. Additionally, as a healthcare professional, we also needed to ensure Dr. Jung built credibility and trust with his audience. Given that he’s both a maxillofacial and cosmetic surgeon, he offers a vast amount of services so there was a steep learning curve for the Noodle Wave team.

During our in-depth ‘Think’ and ‘Feel’ stages, we were able harness our analytical and creative abilities to create the right vibe for the brand. The goal with Premiere Surgical Arts was always to do something different than the current incumbents. We decided to take a refined, luxury approach without the overbearing sales pitch. We carried this messaging and positioning over into everything from the logo to the gorgeous, informative website. In addition to content funnels, we employed aggressive marketing tactics including PPC campaigns, social strategy and reputation management in a ground-up effort to increase conversions. The end result is a hybrid surgical center and lifestyle brand that’s results driven.

Striking a balance

There’s a fine line you have to walk in an industry like cosmetic surgery. You want the brand to be alluring, aspirational and sexy but considering the patients will be placing their safety in the surgeon’s hands, it has to be authentic and cultivate feelings of trust and comfort as well. That’s where knowing the audience and really honing in on a brand voice comes into play. We think we were able to bridge the gap with a compelling mixture of informative, professional content and a sleek aesthetic.

Web Design

We created a responsive site that highlights the brand’s value propositions and Dr. Jung’s expertise with a dash of social proof thrown in the mix. In this case, it was important to show before and after images in an interactive way. We implemented a slider that allows viewers to move back and forth between the results.

Graphic Design

Dr. Jung understands his audience’s lifestyle. He wanted his brand to speak to an image conscious consumer who’s all about healthy, luxury living. We developed a brand identity and marketing materials that communicate this essence.

What We Learned

Premiere Surgical Arts is essentially the opposite of a niche business. By offering both maxillofacial and cosmetic surgery and a huge array of procedures, Dr. Jung had two slightly different audiences to reach. We really had to communicate the benefits of his dual specializations and distill a lot of information into engaging, easy-to-digest content. To us, this reinforced the importance of crafting an organized, strategic plan early on in the process.