Racinne Skin Care

Web Design / Internet Marketing / Graphic Design / Video Marketing

Our Process

A multifaceted approach.

Racinne Skin Care, an international Korean skincare company, approached Noodle Wave after a three-year uphill battle trying to bring brand awareness and conversions to the North American market. Without the proper resources and creative vision, the brand was just getting lost in an ocean of competition. They had already spent a lot of money on marketing, PR and content strategies that were either failing to deliver or incomplete. They needed a streamlined strategic plan with intelligent follow-through – of course, on a short timeline and a smaller budget.

We kicked off the ‘Think’ portion of the campaign with an in-depth discovery process which included a site audit, SWOT analysis and target audience profile before moving into the ‘Feel’ stage and honing in on messaging development. Once the marketing master plan was in place, it was time for our favorite part: implementation and, boy, did we go to work implementing. We salvaged a misguided brand video while pushing forward with a new launch strategy. Then, we reworked the website navigation and created new design language and landing pages.

In order to stand out from all of those competitors, we developed a PR outreach program that targeted local lifestyle and beauty influencers and planned an event for them. While our video cameras were still warm, we produced polished video tutorials for marquee products. To keep the momentum going, we also implemented monthly and quarterly promotions through PPC, social media, print and email marketing. Phew! This was a full-scale, full-service campaign and we were able to really deliver.

The Audience Avatar

Racinne came to us with a very murky picture of who their audience was. Our belief is that if you don’t know who you’re talking to, you won’t know what to say. That’s why we spent a good chunk of time creating the target audience avatar for Racinne’s ideal customer. This avatar became the centerpiece of the entire campaign, guiding us on our mission to curate a meaningful conversation.

Web Design

When someone’s in the market for skincare products, they’re seeking certain results. The words “clean,” “youthful” and “bright” all come to mind. This is exactly what we channeled when developing the look for the site. We gave the language a makeover to appeal to Racinne’s target audience while also shifting the focus to what makes the company special.

Graphic Design

We developed a design aesthetic that’s simple and purposeful in its approach. We took inspiration from the product packaging and weaved it into each piece of content from videos to promo assets.


We inherited a brand video that was losing sight of its message. It was our job to try and save it. In order to convey Racinne’s new direction, we really had to step into the mind of the audience avatar. What would move this woman? How could we cut through the noise to strike a chord with her? The result is a powerful, unique video that’s not only touching but also ties in a call to action to enter a contest that garnered new leads and conversions. We didn’t stop there, however. We created a series of simple, focused video tutorials that highlight top-selling products as well.

Our Results

As we put each element of the campaign into action, the results quickly compounded and Racinne was able to make a splash in the North American market. When so many website visitors become paying customers, it’s a beautiful thing.