Singapore Hawker

Graphic Design/Branding

Our Process

Using artwork to build a brand identity

The owner of Singapore Hawker, a restaurant in Coquitlam, BC, approached Noodle Wave Media for help with the company’s branding. While they had a logo idea, they weren’t sure how to represent the concept of Hawker-style dining, which has such a long history, in a modern way.

During the “Think” and “Feel” stages of our process, we brainstormed how to tie something so classic into the contemporary world. We began by adjusting the layout of the logo, giving it a fresh, new look, and then went from there. We created digital menus, as well as artwork for the in-restaurant, handheld menus and a feature wall.

We provided the client with all of the scalable artwork in the “Do” stage and worked with them to ensure each asset was pixel perfect. To wrap things up, we connected Singapore Hawker with a talented photographer. Working with a food client always makes us hungry and, thankfully, we were able to enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant and see the feature wall live in person, which was a cool, full-circle experience.

Bringing a Modern Approach to an Ancient Art Form

Food is really one of the original art forms and Hawker-style dining has been an essential part of the culture in Singapore for generations. Yet, it has only been more recently that branding and aesthetics have played such a big role in the restaurant industry. With that in mind, we wanted to connect the past with the present, which is why we created a cohesive, modern vibe while staying rooted in the tradition that’s at the heart of Singapore Hawker. This allowed us to develop an authentic brand identity that attracts patrons of all ages.


We brought Singapore Hawker’s logo idea to life. By changing the layout, we gave it more impact and made it feel modern. We used the logo to create a feature wall in the restaurant and to inform the design of business cards, promo materials, menu artwork and more. We were ultimately able to establish a consistent look and feel across all of the restaurant’s collateral assets.