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Our Process

Establishing thought leadership through content.

We had worked with the dynamic Maili Wong in the past through her company CIBC Wong Group so it was only natural she tapped Noodle Wave to help her write and launch a book: Smart Risk. The overarching strategy was to create an evergreen piece of content, in this case the book, that would serve as the centerpiece for establishing thought leadership and ultimately converting Maili’s audience into clients for her financial advisory firm.

We collaborated with Maili in the infancy of the book. This aligned with the ‘Think‘ phase of our process and allowed us to be a part of creating the very framework it was built upon – the Smart Risk Roadmap. In addition to developing a lead-generating website, we produced the Smart Risk video series that was dripped through the email funnel to provide a more visceral feel to Maili’s content. We also created an inspiration video showcasing Maili’s reasons for writing the book as well as a book launch recap video. However, it was our communications and PR strategy that skyrocketed Maili’s profile by getting her visibility on TEDx, CKNW, CBC and some other major media outlets.

This was truly a full-service campaign and we had our hand, well, hands, in every aspect of it from the beginning. As a team, we had to dig deep and pool all of our creative and analytical talents, which paid off in a big way. Within the first week of launch, we were able to make Smart Risk a #1 bestseller in four categories on Amazon.

Framing the idea

A turning point occurred in the very early stages of the process. Maili came to us with a collection of great financial insight. Being present and committed to understanding Maili’s concepts and vision, offered a moment of inspiration that we latched on to. We organized and distilled Maili’s ideas into a simple visual tool, the Smart Risk Roadmap. This set the trajectory and we were able to use it as a foundation for the entire campaign.

Web Design

The website is specifically designed with intelligent lead funnels through email and landing pages to guide people through a process of discovering more about Maili and the Smart Risk concepts.


We designed the Smart Risk logo in collaboration with the book publisher. The goal was to take a scary word like “risk” and correlate it with a positive image of growth. We incorporated a clever use of typography to weave in a positive growth trend line.


By capturing Maili on video talking about her inspiration for writing the book, as well as developing other videos throughout the campaign, we were able to put a human face on the subject of investing and allow potential leads to connect with her on a deeper level.

Noodle Wave has provided us with a comprehensive, and well-executed digital marketing strategy that has yielded great results for our branding and marketing initiatives for Smart Risk. Roy and his team are a pleasure to work with, as well as being fast to respond and adapt to the needs of our marketing strategy including my book launch for Smart Risk and in preparation for my TedX talk.

Maili WongFirst Vice President, Investment Advisor & Portfolio Manager, and Best-Selling Author of ‘Smart Risk’
Our Results

By really connecting with her audience and helping her gain visibility, we saw major results within a week of launch. While we’re obviously thrilled with the bestseller status and Maili’s TEDx appearance, the new asset growth is where the campaign continues to pay off longterm.