Sonic Steel

Web Design / Branding

Our Process

Design thinking.

Sonic Steel came to us with a 30-year reputation as a company you can trust. No wonder they hadn’t updated their site or branding since they were founded – they didn’t need to. However, even the oldest dogs need grooming once in a while.

Our job was to bring Sonic Steel into the 21st century with a complete design refresh that aligned with its target audience – architects. Through our branding discovery process, we unearthed the core values that Sonic Steel embodies and the vision for where the company is heading.

We created a memorable logo for the brand to scale with. We applied the same design intuition and thinking to the website. Armed with a modern aesthetic that complements its future vision, Sonic Steel can continue to serve its customers the trust and integrity it is known for.

Stepping into character

Not unlike method actors, design work requires us to step into the mind of the entrepreneur and capture what they are seeing. In some cases, there is no picture, but if we’ve immersed ourselves into the character, we can dream up designs that we know our clients will love.

Web Design

Even steel can be a little sexy. Working with an industrial client doesn’t mean the brand must be cold and rigid. By creating a user experience that feels modern and contemporary, Sonic Steel was able to align the brand better with its audience’s values – great design.


Now that Sonic Steel had a new identity, it was time to give the company’s key collateral materials a facelift.


Sometimes things like branding and websites fall to the wayside when entrepreneurs are focused on running their day-to-day business and these elements don’t evolve with the rest of the company. We love helping our clients break out of their design rut. In this case, we were able to bring ideas to the table that felt fresh and new but still captured the core values that Sonic Steel has embraced for the past three decades.