Sturgill Orthodontics

Web Design/Digital Marketing/Graphic Design/Branding/Video Marketing

Our Process

Branding a Vision

When Dr. Jeremiah Sturgill of Sturgill Orthodontics approached Noodle Wave, he had recently purchased an orthodontic practice and was doing a prolonged transition from the previous owner to his own brand. He had been working with another marketing company and, unfortunately, received the dreaded “template treatment.” The website, messaging and content were very cookie cutter and not representative of Dr. Sturgill and his team. Additionally, they didn’t have great visibility or SEO.

One of the things we found out right off the bat was that Dr. Sturgill had a strong vision of where he wanted his business to be. With two locations and a modern approach to orthodontic care, it was crucial for us to ensure the branding matched in order to help the business thrive. After really diving deep in the “Think” stage of the campaign, we architected an in-depth SEO analysis and initiatives. We then built a brand new website that was optimized for conversions. We set up PPC and lead funnel campaigns to further drive traffic. We also made adjustments to the logo and created a bunch of new collateral materials Dr. Sturgill could use to promote the business.

During the “Feel” stage of the campaign, as we honed in on the messaging and positioning, we uncovered the fact that Dr. Sturgill was full of personality and that helped guide our approach. This enabled him to make an authentic connection to his audience through social media and a low-cost brand video. While doing this, we also helped control the messaging throughout the brand transition, paving the way to making Sturgill Orthodontics the bustling practice it is today.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

We absolutely love working with people who have a lot of personality (though, even if you don’t, we love you too!). Dr. Sturgill and his team really have a great sense of humor and are awesome to interact with. When we uncovered this, it became a springboard for us to come up with fun, creative ideas. He was open and willing to try new things and embraced our suggestions. The impact this has on a business and the effectiveness of a campaign is huge. Personality really goes a long way, especially in digital marketing.

Web Design

WWe first focused on user experience, ensuring that the website was designed in a way that visitors could find the most relevant information as quickly possible. We also made sure to create a tone and messaging that aligned with what was actually going on in the office and represented the brand. Of course, the website looks fantastic too but, most importantly, it’s optimized for conversions.

Social Media Consulting

Social reach was super important when it came to engaging the community. Beyond putting them out there as orthodontists, we also helped Sturgill Orthodontics have a voice within the community. It was important to their campaign and they had fun with it!

Brand Video