The Brace Place

Branding/Web Design/Digital Marketing/Graphic Design

Our Process

Taking a Refreshed Approach

Dr. Anand Patel of The Brace Place reached out to Noodle Wave after hearing about us from another client and wanted us to revamp all of his marketing. He had an existing logo but it didn’t represent how much the business had grown over the years. The first step was modernizing it. As part of the “Feel” stage of the process, we determined a more fun, modern look would connect with his audience. So, we changed the shape of the smile, switched up the typography to a more contemporary sans serif and got rid of the outline. We didn’t need to reinvent the wheel; it was just about giving it a refresh.

Once we had the logo, the lips became the centerpiece for everything we did for the brand, even ads. We translated the design language into the website and created an authentic feel by working in pictures of Dr. Patel and his family. We also fine-tuned the site to become a tool for conversions.

Next, we worked on collateral materials like new t-shirts for the practice and launched a PPC campaign, which has driven traffic to the website. We also integrated the smile symbol into ads and social. After bringing it all together with a fresh look and messaging, we’ve seen significant engagement from his audience, an increase in conversions and improvement in search engine rankings.

Locking in the Creative Theme to Drive Results

Campaigns convert better when they’re inspired and The Brace Place is the perfect example of that. In this campaign, the creative theme really drove the tangible results. Once we had the theme, we ensured branding was consistent across all marketing channels, including PPC, social media and the website and we were able to bring a polished execution to everything.

Web Design

The Brace Place website really drives the imagery from the logo home. Even the header reflects the shape of the top of the lips. The bright color scheme, graphics and messaging are cohesive and reflective of the brand. Most importantly, we took advantage of every opportunity to encourage conversions.

Graphic Design

We created collateral material, including t-shirts and assets for contests, and we carried the creative theme over into each item for a harmonious feel.

Lead Funnels

We deployed a mix of lead funnels with price and value propositions messaging. The client was running digital billboards so we developed new ad create for the billboards and geo-targeted those locations in Google and Facebook. The end result was a perfect hybrid of traditional and digital ads driving traffic to lead pages that generated nearly 1000 high quality leads.