Spectacle Shoppe

Web Design / Photography / Branding / Internet Marketing / Graphic Design

Our Process

Establishing a new brand voice in a crowded marketplace.

The Spectacle Shoppe is a boutique eyewear retailer in the heart of Kerrisdale, Vancouver. Noodle Wave is privileged to maintain a five-year working relationship with the Spectacle Shoppe. Like many small businesses, we’ve seen the brand adjust to changing times and have helped the company stay relevant and visible during these shifts.

In the early years, opening up online brand awareness and improving user experience on the website was paramount. After spending time expanding into a full eCommerce store, there was something we could just not replace – the personalized service of an experienced optician.

With the tide of eCommerce turning towards the low-cost producer, we realized there was an opportunity to reposition the Spectacle Shoppe and return the focus to the in-store customer experience and its high-quality frames. With a newly renovated store, a new website and branding, PR outreach and a robust content marketing strategy, the Spectacle Shoppe is now poised to separate itself from the crowded eyewear space.

The Customer Experience

By going through several rounds of our Think, Feel, Do process, we discovered that enhancing the in-store customer experience would prove much more valuable to the Spectacle Shoppe than trying to battle it out in the competitive online market. This fell in line with the high-quality frames the store carries and the expertise of their opticians. We reshaped the brand message, developed new graphics for store and window displays, engaged thought leaders with custom public relations experiences and adapted the product line to include children’s frames.

Web Design

The Spectacle Shoppe’s website was designed to scale into a full eCommerce store. Today, it acts as a catalog for products and a portal for great content.

Graphic Design

Part of our campaign work for the Spectacle Shoppe included dreaming up fun and creative graphic design pieces for print and web such as: business cards, infographics, store signage, web banners, outreach flyers and more.


Ensuring the Spectacle Shoppe has high quality product and lifestyle images is vital to the brand’s content marketing and engagement strategy. As part of the Spectacle Shoppe’s marketing campaign, we shoot product photography every month.

Our Results

Noodle Wave has provided an ongoing successful and flexible campaign for the Spectacle Shoppe. Revenue and online metrics all point to an upward trend, which makes everyone happy.

Traffic Increase Year-Over-Year

Increase in Sales