PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing

Let’s say, for example, you’re taking Fido on a hike this weekend and you’re on the hunt for a waterproof dog collar. You go to your favorite search engine and type in the phrase “waterproof dog collar.” If you’re like most people, you click on the first thing you see which, if you’re using Google or Bing, happens to be a sponsored ad above the search results. That ad is from a company that’s utilizing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing meaning they pay the search engine a fee, known as the Cost-Per-Click or CPC, every time someone clicks on their listing. In the most basic sense, PPC marketing is when a business buys visits to their website.
These top spots are sold at an auction. Search engines give businesses the opportunity to bid on their CPC to determine who gets top billing. While this all sounds super simple, managing a PPC campaign is a full-time job. For it to be effective, you need to know your target audience, set goals, keep track of your metrics, create relevant ad groups with keywords, ensure the campaign is intuitive and then lead visitors to a landing page that includes intelligent sales funnels to gain conversions. Yet, when done right, PPC marketing is an extremely powerful way to get traffic fast.

Why PPC Marketing?

You’ve probably heard all about SEO – which we still hold dear to our hearts at Noodle Wave – as a way to gain traction in search engine results. However, its place is in a business’s long-term marketing strategy because it takes time. PPC marketing can get you immediate, highly-targeted traffic to your site letting you generate revenue more quickly. Since you need website traffic to gather data, another key advantage of PPC marketing is the ability to test website variables and make adjustments faster in order to ramp up conversions. There’s no better way to tailor your promos, landing pages or site in general than getting a bunch of visitors right away.

Our Service

Research and legwork might not be the sexiest aspects of marketing but they’re the keys to engineering a hyper-focused, super effective PPC campaign. It’s about more than just clicks; it’s about converting visitors. We’re constantly poring over the data and making adjustments so that our clients are getting a positive return on investment.

Our Approach

  • Researching and assessing keywords and honing in on target audiences for a focused campaign.
  • Developing effective ad and landing page copy with persuasive calls-to-action and lead funnels to optimize conversions.
  • Testing ads and analyzing metrics to refine our initiatives for maximum results.

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