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At Noodle Wave Media we produce content-rich HD video campaigns designed to funnel viewers to your business and convert your audience into customers. With a web video strategy in place, we then storyboard, shoot, edit and market each video. All you have to do is watch your business grow.


Online Video Content Delivers Engaging Messages About Your Business For a Fraction of the Cost of TV.

Online video marketing is enticing for any sized business – especially those with a limited marketing budget. Let’s face it, most companies can’t spend $50,000-$100,000 on a 30-second ad spot for TV. Creating premium video content and distributing it online is inexpensive and permanent. Once you’ve implemented a strategic video marketing campaign, you’ll generate leads from your online videos years from now. That’s bang for your buck!

It’s All About the Strategy

We love video because it can truly capture the unique value propositions of your brand and engage your audience. With the right strategy in place, videos can generate rich snippets, conversions, brand awareness and links and social shares. In the end, this equates to a revenue boost and increased exposure.

Why Web Video Marketing?

Wistia reports watching web videos is the number one activity done online and 40% of these viewers are watching more than ten minutes of video on their phones. This means your customers are primed to start to viewing your web videos. Our clients have already experienced the difference. Discover how online video marketing can help generate leads for your business too.

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